About us

When great ideas meet beautiful craftsmanship, it changes the world.

We pour this simple philosophy into every job that we do, and every project that we support. With ideals firmly rooted in open source software, and a desire to give back to the global community, Cypher Stack engages customers of all types and from all walks of life, so that we can change the world together.

Who are we?

Cypher Stack started as a humble design firm that wanted to make the open-source world a better place to be by improving the UI/UX, which can be severely lacking in such projects. But it wasn’t long before this vision expanded. Now, we still do stunning designs, but we’ve expanded into full-stack development with a few neat surprises on the side.

We have a dream!

In the early days of technology, we were excited to learn how tech could help humanity. As the years wore on however, the reverse scenario started to take root. Now, with the harvesting and selling of private data, the reduction of human beings into statistics and numbers, and digitizing everything from connections to human relationships, we are seeing a very different world before our eyes. One where humans are in service to technology.

Cypher Stack envisions a different world. We remember on the other side of every computer is a human being, and they deserve better than being exploited. If the technology we make every day is not to enrich the lives of humanity, then what are we even doing? Cypher Stack is chasing that dream. For the users. For the humans!

Meet your Cypher Stack team

Photo of Aaron Feickert

Aaron is a mathematician and physicist whose current research focuses on privacy-preserving signature and proof constructions. He has extensive teaching and speaking experience in the fields of applied cryptography and computational science. He looks forward to building and improving on secure digital systems with Cypher Stack.

Aaron Feickert, Ph.D.

Research Team

Photo of Dan Miller

Dan has been designing, deploying, securing, and managing information systems for multinational banks, publishers, credit agencies, analytics firms, disaster recovery ventures, telecommunications companies and other enterprises for over twenty years. He has a special interest in open-source and integrating the many disparate systems out there so people can encounter less friction when communicating or using computers.

Dan Miller

Infrastructure Team

Photo of Marco Salazar

Marco is a Computer Scientist who has worked in several disciplines, from machine learning to computer vision, and even video game development. As a professional software engineer who has worked for Google, he values efficiency of systems, and the maintainability of projects. Aside from his own work he also leads a skilled team of software developers here at Cypher Stack as a manager, and ensures the best quality in a timely manner for all our clients.

Marco Salazar

Development Team

Photo of Kay Sweebe

Julian studied computer science at Langara College and got involved in cryptocurrencies/blockchain in 2013. He has done work on everything from wallet UX to setting up custom chains to PoW-PoS migrations to GPU miners for various cryptocurrencies since then as well as some MacOS and iOS development more recently.

Julian Anderson

Development Team

Photo of Kay Sweebe

Likho has BSc in computer science. She has worked on backend systems in various industries (fintech, hospitality, media) for the past 9 years. Likho has a keen interest in what blockchain can do to improve finance in developing countries.

Likho Jiba

Development Team

Photo of Rylee Davis

Rylee has a bachelor's degree in computer science and has worked on many projects for desktop applications. She has an interest in machine programming, embedded devices, and front-end development.

Rylee Davis

Development Team

Photo of Alexa Lee-Dinnes

Alexa studied Psychology at the University of New Mexico for her bachelor's degree, with the intention to put her strengths in writing, acquired understanding of the human mind, and detail-orientation to work in the form of thoughtful and more conscious communication. She additionally has a particular interest in the subject of ethical marketing practices.

Alexa Lee-Dinnes

Marketing Team

Photo of Mykah de Mesa

Mykah is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer with background on UX design and communication research. She has worked on mobile apps and games as a graphic designer for over 5 years.

Mykah de Mesa

Design Team

Photo of Svetlana Vasilieva

Svetlana is a junior UI/UX designer & illustrator with background in psychology. She is quick and eager to learn and goes above and beyond to make sure her work is done to clients' satisfaction.

Svetlana Vasilieva

Design Team

Placeholder photo for Maria Salazar

Maria has delivered numerous graphic design, web and UI/UX projects, always leaving a trail of happy clients in her wake. With more than 5 years of experience, she is ready to tackle new and exciting design projects with her particular brand of professionalism and attention to detail.

Maria Salazar

Design Team

Placeholder photo for Diego Salazar

Diego started Cypher Stack, so he’s the boss. He has been in the FOSS/cryptocurrency space for four years, and has built a reputation as a leader, powerful speaker, and all-around fun guy. He has codesigned several projects for various FOSS systems. His people skills have proven invaluable in the online-heavy environment of open source and cryptocurrency, and he uses them to attract and keep Cypher Stack’s top talent.

Diego Salazar

The Boss

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