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Cryptographic Research

We specialize in security proofs. You know, all the hard math stuff nobody wants to do to prove their system is secure. Most projects don’t do this. You should. We can help. Being on the forefront of technology, blockchain and distributed systems require specialized research that is inaccessible for most. Cypher Stack employs cryptographers with the knowledge and passion to push your project to new heights of innovation and security.


With hacks, exploits, and broken smart contracts abounding, it’s more important than ever that code be concise, powerful, and precise. We’ll empower your project to fulfill its goals at its foundational level: the code.


Can we be real for a minute and put aside all the typical website biz talk? 95% of the blockchain experts that want you to hire them are morons and people who only pretend to know what they’re doing. What is a blockchain for? What are its strengths? What about weaknesses? What problems is it suited to solving? We’re different. If you want to plot out the future of your project with people who actually know what they’re talking about, hire us.

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