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Hosting and FOSS infrastructure services for your business or community.

Our Services


While web hosting may seem commonplace and something that you can hire anywhere, we urge you to read about just how many hacks have occurred. God forbid user data or sensitive downloads (such as money software) were affected. For secure and flexible web hosting, come to Cypher Stack.

Web Development

It’s cliché to say that your website is your online business card, so we won’t say it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. But beyond how it looks, customers also care about how it works. From key features to the foundational code, Cypher Stack makes websites and common Content Management System themes (like WordPress) to suit your needs.

FOSS Infrastructure

Free open source software (FOSS) has come a long way in recent years. Many businesses or projects have surrendered themselves to paying huge monthly fees to software-as-a- service giants like Slack, Trello, or Github. We have the expertise to roll out, maintain, and secure powerful FOSS applications to serve your business or project’s needs. See the list of apps below.

FOSS Projects

Below is a list of business tools and resources we can host and deploy for you. None of them steal or sell your data, and you retain control at all times. Contact us for recommendations.

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