Onna for Samourai Wallet

After our initial foray into digital sticker making we did what any sane person would do that was proud of their work: we took it to social media!

Our work caught the eye of another cryptocurrency community, Samourai Wallet, a Bitcoin wallet that includes tools to increase the privacy of its users. They too wanted a piece of the sticker action, and it didn't take long for us to agree on a concept and start working.

Onna's Design

The community all pitched in to the creation of Onna's style. Japanese inspired? Obviously. Super anime? No. Japanese traditional garb? Maybe a fantasy urban look is better. They were even so excited that they wanted several outfits, and we were happy to comply. Half the stickers in one outfit, and half in the other. Design by committee can sometimes be a great pain, but this process was quite smooth since everyone seemed to more or less be on the same page.

Inside Jokes

We'd just finished up Isabella and shipped her out with a bow, so the process was quite familiar to us. Due to Signal's sticker limitations, we had to decide on the stickers beforehand, but we were thrown a curve ball right off the bat. They did still want some basic emotions, but they also wanted the inclusion of several inside jokes known by the community. Being an outsider, we had to listen to their stories, how the jokes came to be, and why they were so special, so we could make sure to capture the spirit in the artwork.

One such example is when a Samourai Wallet user came into the Telegram chat and began making demands about how the software should function (all too common in open source projects), declaring: "Sw. Must. Do. It. Better." The community made a running gag of the phrase, and wanted a sticker displaying the same level of entitlement and anger shown. We're proud of the end result:

We had a lot of fun with this sticker pack, and getting to know a new community in the process. You can download and use the pack here for Telegram and here for Signal.

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